Friday, March 27, 2015

 What Your Handbag Brand Says About You
Atelier Boutique. Montclair NJ
March 2015 


Fashion:  Chanel owners are strategic in their fashion statement. 
They appreciate quality over quantity and are sophisticated in their choices. They tend to gravitate towards clean lines, solid colors and classic designs. 

Family: Chanel patrons are associated with strong family values, tradition and a positive connection with their ancestry.

Work: Chanel patrons are usually organized and detail oriented.  Although less creative, they are cerebral in their approach and tend to be  respected by their coworkers.  These owners tend to be organized, goal oriented and somewhat conservative.

Love Life: Chanel people love to be in love.  They are relationship oriented and seek a partner who is  self directed, honest, and romantic. 


Fashion: Hermes patrons like to take fashion risks, more so in architectural designs as opposed to harsh colors or trends.  They tend to take their time shopping and do not make spontaneous decisions.  They like to be in the forefront and often will not share info on where they shopped or who the designer is.  They gravitate towards sleek, sophisticated exclusive items.  

Family: Hermes people can be somewhat reserved and introverted.  They tend to keep their secrets to themselves and are not interested in gossip or scandal.  They are close to their family and keep an eye out for everyone's welfare.

Work: Hermes patrons are self directed and present as confident and stoic.  Although they may question their own decisions, they do not allow others to see that trait.  Hermes people demonstrate follow through.

Love: Hermes people present as difficult to understand, profound and complicated.  They need a care free partner who is grounded and consistent. Most of all they need someone who is faithful and trustworthy.


Fashion: Louis Vuitton patrons are attentive to trends, fads and celebrity style.  They are whimsical and are not afraid of color or texture.  They can shop for long periods of time at a range of venues.   LV people love international style and are eclectic in their tastes. LV people learned to love style at a young age.

Family: Family first but fun and adventure is a close second.  This is the person who can multitask everything and have a good laugh while doing it.  They have strong family bonds but also embrace close friends as family.  The larger the circle, the better.

Work: LV people gravitate towards faster paced working environments with a lot of people around them. 

Love: LV people can give out love but expect it back three fold.  They are adventurous, spontaneous and require attention.  They are best with a partner who is forgiving, liberal and fun loving. 


Fashion: Coach patrons are practical, pragmatic and efficient.  They like comfort, flexibility and convenience.  They are open to colors, style and trends.  They can shop at high end boutiques and discount markets with the same degree of satisfaction and success.  These are savvy people who make shopping a sport.

Family: Coach people are loving, generous and affectionate with their family. 

Work: Coach people work to earn a living but does not allow work to consume their life.  They are pleasant, efficient and punctual.

Love: Coach people are devoted lovers and demand the same from their partner.  They wear their heart on their sleeve and demonstrate a wide range of emotion on a daily basis.  They make for exciting yet unpredictable lovers. 


Fashion: Kors patrons are quirky and fickle.  They tend to follow trends and add their own spin on them.  They seek out styles that are comfortable, flexible and modern.  They are not afraid of color, texture, or intimidated by sizes.  They can be impulsive and unpredictable. 

Family: Kors people have time for everything, they are the ultimate multitaskers.  These are the people that keep the extended family together, the ones who remember birthdays and anniversaries.  Their family and friends feel the love from them on a consistent basis. 

Work: Kors people are efficient, multitaskers and add a bit of fun and frolic to to work atmosphere.  They gravitate towards customer service or social service types of jobs and excel at them.  They are well liked by their coworkers and they work collaboratively.

Love: Kors people are very passionate , excitable and emotional.  They require a lover with humor and sex appeal. 


Fashion: Gucci patrons are traditional and sensible.  They are attracted to classic style with a contemporary edge.  These people value quality over quantity and are influenced by other cultures, countries and lifestyles.  They are not afraid to take risks and will often wear fashion forward styles.

Family: Gucci people are family oriented.  They often are in touch with their entire extended family and  position themselves as the family patriarch.

Work: Gucci people can be fickle and move from position to position.  They work best as freelancers or on one project at a time.

Love: Gucci people love to be in love. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and express their emotions at every given opportunity.  They can be dramatic and over the top at times and are best suited to be with someone who is quiet and reserved.


Fashion: Dior people are trendy, they keep abreast of all the new trends but have their own style and are not easily influenced to change.  They are usually the ‘different” one of their group.  They are not afraid of color, texture or structure in their clothing choices.

Family: Dior people are multitaskers and are able to adapt well to their immediate environment.  They know how to bake a cake and the best place to order one in a pinch.

Work: Dior people thrive in unconventional and creative jobs.  They find it difficult to follow a 9-5 routine, pace themselves or get back to the office after an hour lunch. 

Love: Dior people are hot tempered and hot blooded, they love passionately and fully.  They are jealous, suspicious yet dedicated and loyal. 


Fashion: Prada patrons are drawn to color, architecture, shapes, textures and forms.  They can be distracted by shiny objects.  They appreciate artistic talent and are fascinated by portraits, realism and still lifes. They love two pieces, dresses and layering. 

Family: Prada people are family oriented and tend to be the center of what is happening. They host all the holidays, events and birthdays. 

Work: Prada people are detail oriented and can work well with numbers, small color charts, or other small detailed objects including computers, jewelry, beads, etc.

Love:  Prada people are enthusiastic and versatile.  They can love a range of people and find the best attributes in their partners.  They make for great muses and encourage even the most stubborn slackers.  

Robert Greco is a Fashion Designer who creates classic,  sophisticated and elegant dresses and skirts and stylist/owner of Atelier Boutique in Montclair NJ.

He holds a BA and MA in Clinical Psychology and often writes about the Psychology of Fashion and Fashion Marketing.

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